Always be “on time”!

It is the little details (what we call positive “Moments of Truth” in SFS) that count when starting a business relationship.  For example, I know it is difficult to promise an exact hour for your techs to show up.  (Extra work added to the previous job, technical problems, traffic, etc.) BUT …

When meeting a prospect for a “pre-inspection” be EXACTLY on time.

So what does “EXACTLY on time” mean?  Just that. I call it my “30 Second Rule”.  Check the exact time (on your cell phone is best) and show up within 30 seconds of the agreed-upon time. So simple and yet a VERY positive Moment of Truth!

NOTE: Especially with residential jobs it can be almost as bad to show up too early on a job as too late! The last thing a harried and stressed out homeowner wants to see is your cleaning van pulling into their driveway 20 minutes early!

So how to do it? Give yourself “fudge room”. Plan to arrive in the area ten minutes early. Sit out of sight and work on your paperwork. (Or come hang out on our SFS website!) Now you’ll be in position, calm and ready to pounce EXACTLY on time!

Commercial HINT: With commercial it doesn’t hurt to arrive five minutes early. Tell the receptionist you know you are early and will gladly wait. Then gain respect from your commercial prospect by “walking the job” together as you interview them with this Commercial Carpet Analysis.

Restoration HINT: “On time” in restoration (and especially with a water loss) means ASAP! Every minute you leave these traumatized folks dangling gives the competition a chance to slide in! (Our goal was one hour or less response time- 24-7!) Then structure those first few frazzled minutes on a water loss with this Water Damage Interview Form.

Just remember, for these forms to work you must be “on time”!

Steve Toburen

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