Mike Lamunyon: “I was ready to have a nervous breakdown before SFS!”

We opened our business in 1973 as a window cleaning business. (It was a cheap and easy way to get started!) Over the years we expanded into office cleaning, tile and carpet cleaning, etc.

However, LAMUNYON Dry Out & Foundation Repair now specializes in water damage restoration, waterproofing and foundation repair. With over 20 full-time employees we’ve finally grown into what Steve Toburen calls a ‘Critical Mass Business’!

It hasn’t always been a smooth process. In fact, I was  ready to have a nervous breakdown before attending Strategies for Success! After all, I had no idea on how to manage a business.  But SFS Training lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders.  Even my wife could see a big difference in my countenance upon my return.  I have always benefited from personal contact with the entire SFS team and especially with Steve Toburen.

After my first SFS I immediately developed a company policy manual.  (Looking back it was ludicrous to run a business without having written policies in place!)  As a company we also learned to “Put on our Customers Eye Glasses” and try to see things from our clients perspective.  (This SFS ‘Core Concept’ has been especially valuable in disaster restoration situations.)

Finally, we were excited to implement the powerful “Moments of Truth” bank account idea in our business.  This concept has helped me in my marriage, my congregation and other areas in life.   SFS has helped me to create a culture in our company of genuine care and concern for one another.

I would strongly recommend SFS for a restoration (or cleaning) business of any size.   I have benefited greatly from attending three times as a restoration contractor.  Who knows?  Maybe I will make it to SFS again with their new easy-to-attend online training focus!

Strategies for Success has always been a great business partner for LAMUNYON Dry Out & Foundation Repair. Thank you, SFS Training!

Mike Lamunyon

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