Create Cheerleaders by respecting the home owner’s privacy

bathroom-etiquette-for-carpet-cleaning-technicians-working-in-homeIn our QuickTIP last week we focused on the negative Emotional Dynamics customers feel with strangers working inside their home.  Your first time clients especially feel vulnerable, scared, suspicious and more than a little bit invaded as you are cleaning their carpets.  So this week’s QuickTIP focuses on the most private area of the home- the customer’s bathroom!  Here are a few TIPS out of the SFS Operations Manual:

1.  Don’t use the customer’s toilet unless absolutely necessary.  IF you absolutely must “go” and there are no alternatives, ask permission first. (If possible, always stop at a gas station between jobs to go to the bathroom and “freshen up”.)

2.  Be sure to flush the toilet, PUT DOWN THE LID (women are big on this!) and clean up after yourself.

3.  Never use the customer’s hand towel.  Wipe your hands on your pants or even better, bring in a towel from the truck to use.

4.  Tell the customer “thank you”!

NOTE:  Always ask to use the guest bath, NEVER the “ultra-private” master bathroom.

Ahh, the horror stories I could tell you folks on employees using the customer’s bathroom.  I was tempted to start making my field employees wear a catheter!  But saner minds prevailed!


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3 thoughts on “Create Cheerleaders by respecting the home owner’s privacy”

  1. I get a kick out of the tips you are currently sending. Some keep me laughing all day long.

  2. Glad to add some humor to your day, Mike!


    PS And yet, seriously, one thing we learn at SFS is to never over-estimate what your employees are capable of. Some techs seriously don’t have a clue on stuff that you automatically think is a no-brainer. Your job is to “Make It Easier To Do It Right Than Do It Wrong” including proper toilet etiquette in the customer’s home. 🙂

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