Motivate your cleaning employees with a weekly contest for Scotchgard “up-sells”!

scotchgard protects against spills

Business needs to be about more than just making money. Simply put, your carpet cleaning employees need fun in their work day and what is more fun than a good-natured competitive contest?

Should carpet cleaners accept credit cards?

One veteran professional carpet cleaner in California has been debating the pros and cons of offering the credit card payment option to his clients. Steve helps him realize he has already sub-consciously decided …

So what type of crew members do you want to employ on your carpet cleaning “sail boat”?

What type of employees do you want? Easy, you say, “The very best!” Not so fast here. Chuck Violand shares how the size of your company will determine the profile of the employee you want to go “sailing” with you on some very choppy cleaning business seas!

Use “sound” in your carpet cleaning marketing strategy

OK, a good marketing strategy trivia question for all you carpet cleaners. Which sound associated with a brand name is rated #1 in the world? Most of you hear this sound several times a day. Have everyone in your family guess and then we’ll see who wins …

As a “just starting out” carpet cleaner should I buy expensive or low cost cleaning chemicals?

True or false- “Every penny counts when you are a brand new carpet cleaner.” Steve’s answer to a neophyte North Carolina, new to carpet cleaning, may surprise you. Here’s a hint: the cleaning chemical supplies you buy are not the most important factor …

Can I build a “Honda/Accura” carpet cleaning business model?

A premium Georgia carpet cleaner looks to expand into the budget cleaning market with a “parallel operation” operated with his existing staff and building. Steve isn’t real positive but would like other cleaner’s thoughts. Read and chime in …

One carpet cleaner’s house building odyssey after attending “Strategies for Success” …

Good morning, Steve,

Even though I own my own carpet cleaning business I have also been building my own house and contracting it out myself. The people I am coming across are astounding! These “professional” businesses and contractors have absolutely no customer service.

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