How to do ‘Serendipity Selling’


Virtually all of us crave more regular commercial contracts!

The best way to build ‘commercial routes’? (Especially doing “encapsulation cleaning” with a Cimex Cyclone!) Contact 15-20 new potential commercial accounts EVERY SINGLE WEEK with my Dedicated Sales Morning concept. A no-brainer… right?

WRONG! Be honest here! Due to over-work, Displacement Activities or plain old “Fear of Rejection” you (really all of us) simply will NOT consistently make ‘formal’ sales calls! The problem? You DREAD ‘selling’! (I did too!) Instead, I want you to LIGHTEN UP and…

Just ‘drop in’ right now with Serendipity Selling! (As in “There is no time like the present”!)

The word “serendipity” just means “events developing by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. So use serendipity by not putting off a sales call till “some other time when you’ve got my nerve up”! After all, that just ain’t gonna happen! (If you doubt me see the “WRONG!” paragraph above!)

Instead, just ‘stop in’ on these “Serendipity Selling” candidates during your daily routine:

1. When driving by new business construction or remodeling. The Early Bird gets the worm! And if nothing else you’ll find out when store management is going to arrive. (Then put the date into your phone’s calendar software.)

2. When you see “Under New Management” signs. I invariably lost contracts because ‘new management’ wanted to start with new vendors!  So take advantage of this “new broom that sweeps clean” and snag some accounts from your competition! (This is where business networking groups come in handy!)

3. When you buy something! This was Sioux’s favorite type of “Serendipity Selling”! Every time you buy clothing, eat at a restaurant or go to the doctor just give ’em your card and say, “I was noticing your…” (Remember, you are the customer! They have to be nice to you!)

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RESIDENTIAL: Do an “Apology Five Around”. When cleaning at a client’s home don’t just skulk up to the neighbors door, leave a door hanger and RUN AWAY! Instead, grab some Lifetime Free Spot Out bottles, start knocking on doors AND “apologize for your noise”! HERE is how you do it…

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3 thoughts on “How to do ‘Serendipity Selling’”

  1. Good stuff. But knocking on residential doors is usually a no-no. It is considered solicitation, which is banned in most of the towns where we work. Make sure you check with the town about this before knocking.

  2. Actually Ron, #1’s through #3 are designed for commercial. The only one for residential is #4 and I have never heard of anyone getting hassled for “apologizing for the noise” and gifting the home owner a bottle of FREE Lifetime Spotter being hassled. (We did it for years, were always warmly thanks and booked many jobs from the strategy.)

    But I suppose there is always a first time for everything! 🙂 Thanks for the input!

  3. Great article Steve. I will give it a go. Ron’s right about knocking doors in neighborhoods because people just get uptight about it. I agree that most people don’t get upset about apologizing for the noise and leaving a spotter BUT because there are signs in most neighborhoods in my area that say in big print NO SOLICITING many people will assume you are knocking to sell and may call the HOA on you. It may be best to leave a bottle and a note on the doorstep. The tactic may work well in some neighborhoods though.

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