When does your over-the-phone sale start?

A great motto to hammer into your phone staff is “The sale starts as soon as the phone rings.” (I’m amazed at how sloppily many service providers answer their phones!) Remember that the phone sale starts even BEFORE you pick up the phone.

So help your office staff (or you) “get in sales character” before you pick up the phone with the old saying…

“You can hear a smile!” So place mirrors over every phone that say, “What you see is what the customer hears!”

Then include these steps in your phone script:

1.  Remember to answer your phone on the second ring.

2.  Take a deep breath, look in the mirror and smile at yourself as you answer the phone:

3.  “We’re having a great day at (company name).  This is (employee’s full name).  How may I help you?”

4.  Use your SFS Phone Script to qualify the customer on either a) performing a pre-inspection or b) pricing the job over the phone.  Download the script for free by CLICKING HERE.

5.  Don’t let ’em get away and close the sale. (More on this in an upcoming QuickTIP- stay tuned!)

Nothing will have a more immediate payback than focusing how your phone is answered. After all, every phone call that gets “blown off” through poor or non-existent phone technique potentially costs you how much? That’s right, $35,840.00!

Steve Toburen

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