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local-business-help-for-cleaners-and-restorersAs a small business owner it is all too easy to get overwhelmed.  Above all else you have to keep that cleaning wand moving to keep that cash flow coming in!  But far too often the “management side” of your business flounders.  Sure, you deposit the checks and pay the bills.  (Usually!)  BUT what happens to your marketing, your strategic planning and your long range vision?  I thought so – it just doesn’t happen!  You need cost-effective consultants that bring fresh ideas to the table.  For example  …

Most colleges have Marketing Clubs (or classes) that will accept your company as a “group project”. This is a “Win-Win” proposition. The club members can practice what they are learning in the real world. (Much more fun that some dry text book!)  You win because you will have some bright and energetic people “thinking outside the box” for you- for FREE! Plus you’ll gain exposure to new potential customers through out the college as the class/club works on your project.

There are many outside groups that offer little or no-cost business resources. Now of course I think this free industry “resource portal”,, has the very best TARGETED information available.  And of course I love our life-changing five day Strategies for Success seminar.  (Which you can also attend for FREE!)

But don’t fret about getting support from non-cleaning industry sources.  Sometimes outside help will let you see the “forest for the trees.”  So check into your local SCORE program which is a group of retired executives that will focus on your business … for free!  Many times your local Chamber of Commerce or community college will sponsor business programs and seminars.  At the end of the day it is up to YOU which means …

While your SFS team is “at your service” sometimes someone locally “holding your feet to the fire” can be a good thing. So develop a close relationship with your banker, (and not just to get money), your accountant, your graphic artist and yes, even your attorney. Friends not only buy from friends.  Friends also work harder for their friends! Not to mention that life is too short to not work with people you enjoy. After all, that’s why I’m still with Jon-Don after all these years!


P.S:  So what other “expert but free” help have you used in your business? And have you paid for any support that was absolutely life-changing?

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  1. Can’t say enough about how using local consultants and experts has helped our business.

    The financial investment is well worth the time and expertise we are paying for. It has kept us on track with our goals because they don’t get pushed off when something more pressing gets in the way of me personally completing things. Our consultanst have it taken care of and it get’s done. Using them has actually increased our profitabiity because our plans are implemented and I’m freed up to do more “money making” activities for the business. I’m not buried in admin tasks or learning how to do something that is better left to someone who is able to do it much better and efficently than I can. It’s been less stressful then it was when I was trying to do it all….and that has benefited my relationshp with John. (Key to the sucess of being a married couple that works together).


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