Leaving a void on the truck …



We’ve been experiencing steady growth over the past 5 years.  Currently we are owner operated with one tech part time on the truck with the owner. (Me!) The other two days I am out on my working and networking.  My tech has been with us for 2 years and due to learning disabilities will never be able to be on a truck on his own or be a lead tech.  He’s a good worker, but will always only be a “helper/laborer” to a crew chief (which has been me up to this point) as he can’t write an invoice, up-sell etc.  We are on the edge of needing to have someone to take over my role on the truck and manage the daily jobs as I focus more on working on the business (manager?), rather then in it.  My question is when/how do I put in place another person…since I need to train and bring up to speed, but am not quite ready to add a full time person.  And what do I do with my current tech?

Worried in Portland

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