Success means being EXACTLY ‘on time’!

In SFS Training we’re all about ‘business differentiation’. Yep, you and your company should be viewed as totally different from your local competition! So look, really look, at the other cleaning and restoration contractors in your area…

I’m assuming some are nice guys and may even (sometimes) do passable work. And yet, like almost every contractor out there I’m guessing most of your competitors are consistently late to appointments with customers!

So if you are going to be “totally different” your new goal will be to ALWAYS…

Be on time! (To the exact second if possible!)

Now don’t freak out here! You have to be reasonable. With extra work added, balky equipment and above all, SLOW TRAFFIC it is tough for your crews to always be on time. (But if a tech is running late always keep your waiting client informed.)

However, when you personally (or your salespeople) are doing a pre-inspection (we don’t call them ‘estimates’ in SFS Training) you have much more control of the situation. Therefore…

A great way to be different from your competition (and create an incredible Moment of Truth) is to knock on their door EXACTLY ON TIME! (Again, to the second!)

Here’s how to make this wonderful first impression on a new customer:

1. Download a digital clock (with seconds displayed) on your cell phone. (I run a tight ship in SFS seminars with my Digital Clock app!)

2. Allow yourself extra time. Arrive a few minutes early in your prospect’s neighborhood. Park a few blocks away and do paperwork. (Or check in with our SFS ‘Growing Your Business Facebook group!) Now you can easily…

3. Show up 15-30 seconds early. Remember, don’t pull in to their driveway. Always park in the street!

4. Time yourself so you will knock TO THE SECOND on your prospect’s door!

5. What will be the first words out of your prospect’s mouth? “Wow, thank you! I can’t believe it! You are EXACTLY on time!” BINGO! (Your virtually-guaranteed-new-customer views you as officially ‘different’ from your competition!)

CAUTION: Especially with residential jobs it may be just as bad (or worse) to show up too early on a job as too late! The last thing a harried and stressed out home owner wants to see is your cleaning van pulling into their driveway 20 minutes early!

Now, shouldn’t you be leaving a few minutes early for your next sales call?


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