Steve’s “TOP TEN” Good Manners List

Maybe the English novelist Laurence Sterne (1713-1768) said it best: “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”.

I recently shared some thoughts on “good manners” when driving a company vehicle. (Being a considerate driver is great marketing!) But it is even more important to…

Show “respect for others” when you work in their homes and businesses!

For example, do you (and your employees) follow this “respectful” Good Manners Checklist?

#1  Don’t immediately pull in. Park in the street and ask permission to pull into the driveway. HINT: Give your customer the “Illusion of Control” by asking which side of the drive they would prefer you to park on. And always ask if they would like to pull their car out before you block them in.

#2  Get out of your vehicle immediately upon arrival. It is a negative MOT to see a suspicious van lurking on your driveway AND with no one getting out!

#3  Never cut across the grass. And keep your hoses out of their flower beds!

#4  After ringing the bell (once only please!) step back from the door. Respect your customer’s “personal space”.

#5  Smile and look the customer in the eye.

#6  Introduce yourself. Give your first name/ last name/ company name. Hand the customer your business card. Introduce everyone on your crew.

#7  Put on shoe covers before you step inside. Or at least use place a clean door mat.

#8  Ask the customer for a “tour”. Explain you’d like to see their “areas of special concern”. (Write them down or even better test spots immediately that they are worried about.)

#9  Show “extra caution” when bringing in equipment. Place corner guards, drop cloths and walk-off mats in transition areas.

#10 Work efficiently but don’t “rush around”. This free Residential Set-Up List will help!

So can you sum up this TOP TEN “Good Manners List” with one simple gesture? Let’s talk about this soon!


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