Drive safely to win more clients!

Successful restoration and cleaning contractors know they (and their employees) must always leave positive impressions with their customers AND potential customers. (Which means just about everyone!)

In our four different SFS training seminars we call these little (usually subliminal) impressions “Moments of Truth”. (MOT’s.) Remember that you must A) consistently create positive MOT’s and B) avoid negative MOT’s! Achieve both of these goals when you…

Always drive safely and courteously!

For example…

#1 SLOW DOWN! We got too many angry calls like this: “If that van #1 keeps speeding down my street I’m telling all my neighbors to boycott your company!” (Don’t ask me who always drove good, old #1!) Solution: Stop over-booking your techs.

drive safely#2 STOP texting! Texting while driving is dangerous (you’re swerving like a drunk!) and is illegal in many areas! Solution: Pull over into a safe area and/or see #1 above!

#3 YIELD to other vehicles. Let others go through four-way stops first and ALWAYS stop for pedestrians in crosswalks! Solution: Stay back a bit from the stop sign so other drivers can see around your van.

#4 WAVE and smile at other drivers. This is a huge MOT and makes you feel good too!

Remember this isn’t “all about you”. So “Add Employee Accountability” and help your employees drive safely with GPS tracking in every vehicle! Now you’ll be constantly updated on your employee’s driving manners!


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