Silently remind your client about buying protector

The easiest money out there for a carpet cleaner?  “Re-applying” protector to every carpet.  And remember, you don’t need to “sell” protector!  Instead, just remind the customer about their carpet protection options and many will buy.  Here is one no-pressure way to “orient” the home owner…

Stick a Scotchgard logo decal to every one of your “corner guards”.

Now your corner guards will be silently selling Scotchgard for you on every job! This concept of subtly “pre-orienting” your clients about carpet protector works great.

There are so many ways to routinely remind your customers about Scotchgard:

1.  Include the Scotchgard logo on all your paperwork and brochures.  Why not piggyback on to the billions 3M has spent building Scotchgard into a brand name?

2.  Email your customers a “How To Get Ready for Us” checklist and include a link back to your web page explaining the home owner’s carpet protection options.

3.  All technicians should wear a “Ask me about Scotchgard” button.  Once again, it is all about silently and routinely reminding your clients about protecting their carpets.

Of course, you should still ask every customer, “Would you like me to ‘re-apply’ the Scotchgard protective finish?” You will be amazed how many people will say “Yes”!

NOTE for fire and water damage restoration contractors:  Don’t forget that Exactimate has a line item for re-applying the carpet protective finish:  CLN-FCCPC (Depending on your location Xactimate currently allows $0.16- $0.20 per foot for protector application!)  99% of your adjusters will automatically approve re-applying protector and you’ll Make More Money!


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