Give your carpet cleaning techs tools to sell more carpet protector

Would you try to clean an expensive carpet without the correct wand? Of course not!  Yet every day thousands of carpet cleaning techs attempt to up-sell Scotchgard with just their “bare hands,” so to speak.  So sad, because the “tools” are easily available to sell more carpet protector. For example …

Jon-Don distributes some incredibly powerful marketing materials for 3-M Scotchgard, including a full color presentation book, consumer sales sheets, sprayer decals and a demo tube.

In addition, there are lots of other selling aids available for free, including four color brochures, flyers, “Ask me about Scotchgard” buttons, “Certificates of Authenticity” and blotter cards to actually demonstrate to the home owner how the protector works.  Just contact your Jon-Don rep for these items as they are FREE for the taking!

Here is just one idea on how to use these great Scotchgard sales tools to sell more carpet protector …

sell more carpet protectorUse the vinyl adhesive decals with the Scotchgard logo to increase home owner awareness of your Scotchgard product.  You can apply these decals to your pump-up sprayers, tool boxes, etc. and win in two ways.

Above all else, you’re silently putting the “Scotchgard” question in your customer’s mind.  However, when your application sprayer has the famous Scotchgard and 3-M logo on it you will appear more professional.  (And don’t forget, the Scotchgard labeled bottle will fit directly into your PowerForce in-line sprayer. Now THAT is credibility!)

3-M and Scotchgard have invested millions of dollars in promotion and advertising over the years. So why not benefit from their incredible name recognition? All of the Scotchgard marketing aids mentioned above work really well AND more importantly, work all the time without depending upon your staff remembering their “script.” Call your Jon-Don representative to get these high-profit sales tools.  Once again, most of them are FREE so what do you have to lose???


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