TOP TEN #4- Make MORE $$$ by “Booking LESS”

Most cleaners love an upcoming week crammed full of jobs right from the git-go. But Steve says there are several subtle traps in overbooking your technicians. Learn how you may “Make More Money” by booking fewer jobs per week …

Cleaners AND restorers: Sell more protector!

Everyone can Make More Money by selling carpet protector. Steve shares an “Xactimate secret” for restoration contractors to sell more scotchgard.

TOP TEN “How to Make More Money” #6: Develop niche services

Quit competing against the far-too-COMMON “Clean Any Size Living Room, Dining Room and Hall for …” bozos. Instead, offer UNCOMMON “special niche services”!

TOP TEN List Idea #7: Pre-orient your client on how to spend more!

Remember, your clients can’t buy more if they don’t know! Steve shares some tips in #7 of his TOP TEN Ways to Make More Money From Each Job List …