TOP TEN List Idea #9- Travel smarter.

Last week we started my “TOP TEN Smart Ways To Make More Money On Each Job” (MMM) with the deceptively obvious #10- “CHARGE MORE” along with a tip on how to fight back against those “dirty, rotten price shoppers”.  (Who many times don’t remotely care how much the cleaning costs!)

Our next TOP TEN idea is another often-ignored beauty- TRAVEL SMARTER!  Many SFS graduates tell me they spend MORE time driving (unpaid!) than they do actually cleaning carpets!  So increase your wand-to-the-carpet time and automatically you will MMM on each job!  How to do it?

First, be “travel conscious”.  Instead of asking people to pick the date they want the work done look first for a day when you will be in their area anyway.  Then offer this date as the first option.  “So Mrs. Jones, I see we have an opening near your Northville neighborhood on Wednesday, the 12th.  Would that work for you?”

If the client insists on a certain day remind them about your unique …

“Neighborhood Discount” program.  If a client lines up additional neighbors that can all be done back-to-back in one day every home owner gets a 15% discount off your normal pricing.

Trust me- add up all the gas, vehicle wear and tear and travel time you will save and you will MMM even after this 15% Neighborhood Discount.  Plus you will now have some very motivated Neighborhood Cheerleaders shamelessly promoting your services to ALL their neighbors for their next cleaning!

Steve Toburen

Next week’s TOP TEN MMM Idea?  “Get efficient”.

PS  So what “travel tricks” have you got up your sleeve?  Share them in the comments section below.

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