TOP TEN List Idea #8: Get more efficient on the job.

Today’s tough economy means you gotta be smarter than ever in business.  And you need to make MORE (not less) money from each client.  Combine these two statements and ta-dah!

Welcome to my TOP TEN Smart Ways to Make More Money (MMM) From Each Job List!  So far we’ve focused on …

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TOP TEN MMM Idea #9: Travel Smarter

So now for my “TOP TEN Smart Ways to MMM From Each Job” Idea #8:

Get more efficient in your work routine.

And as usual here’s a few random QuickTIPS on how to improve your job efficiency:

1.   Organize your truck. “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  Place items according to a logical “hierarchy of needs”. Spend some time planning this out- then meditate some more.  More frequent use means the items get placed closer to where you access the vehicle..

2.  Install professional stainless steel shelving. Sure- it’s expensive.  BUT remember it is more efficient space wise than you banging something out in ¾” plywood and is much more professional looking.  Plus good stainless shelving will last much longer so it can be amortized over many years.  Your investment in efficient storage literally will be just pennies per day!  (By the way, I don’t sell “stuff” in my job at Jon-Don.)

3.  Label everything. Sure, YOU personally may know where everything goes.  But a label maker is a cheap way to add accountability for you, let your part time helpers know where things go and everything neatly labeled will impress your customers.

4.  Never an empty hand or trip. Write out a list (yes, even if you are an owner-operator!) of what items you will carry up to the house on each trip.  Also as soon as possible on each job start carrying things back out with you on each return visit back to the truck.  Always make each trip with both hands full!

5.  Chemicals are your friends. Your biggest expense will always be labor.  (Don’t forget your own time is the most expensive of all!)  So use quality chemicals that let you clean faster and you will MMM on each job!

Steve Toburen

PS  Please share your “efficiency tips” in the comments below.  Remember- “we’re all in this together!”

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  1. I always make it a point to make sure at the end of the day that I refill my pre-spray and spotting kit bottles. This saves me precious time on the job. I also make sure my vacuum cleaner bag is not full.

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