TOP TEN List Idea #7: Pre-orient your client on how to spend more!

Over the last three weeks we’ve covered three of my “TOP TEN Ways to Make More Money (MMM) From Each Job”:

TOP TEN MMM Idea #10: Charge more.

TOP TEN MMM Idea#9:   Travel smarter

TOP TEN MMM Idea#8:  Get more efficient

Now for my “TOP TEN Smart Ways to MMM From Each Job” Idea #7:

“Pre-orient” your customers on how they can spend more with you. In other words, quit depending ONLY on your always-running-late technicians (or you) to sell more.

So here’s a few “client pre-orientation TIPS”:

1.   Pre-send your “list of services”- During the initial call ask your customer if you can email them a “How to Get Ready For Us” check list.  Include a list of links to your services back to …

2.  Your website’s information. Remember your customers can’t buy if they don’t know!  So have a menu of all the add-on services you offer.  And don’t forget the old reliable …

3.  Truck lettering. Sure, it may not be as sexy as a gleaming new website!  But having all your commercial vehicles (and maybe your private ones!) professionally lettered is a great long term investment.

HINT:  The new “wraps” can be either fantastic marketing tools selling an emotional message OR just an expensive unreadable mish-mash! Remember, just because you CAN splash something on the side of your truck doesn’t mean you SHOULD! (Sounds like a good topic to explore in a future QuickTIP!)


PS  So how do you let your customers know about ALL the services you offer?

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