How to protect your truck mount from freezing

keep your van warmAs a cleaning and restoration contractor you likely dread winter! I know I did! So please…

Take care of yourself this winter! And ‘take care’ of your clients when you implement these winter Customer Comfort Tips!  (Now you’ll avoid those last minute (and much hated) “bad weather cancellations”. I also DESPISED…

Shivering through way too many pre-dawn Colorado winter mornings desperately trying to thaw out my truck mount, wands and chemicals! And even worse…

I dreaded my sleepless nights fretting about the frozen nightmare facing me upon waking! But you’ll sleep like a baby when you…

Monitor your van by installing a remote ‘Freeze Alarm’ to automatically phone you if temps fall to freezing levels.

Here’s some more “keep your van warm” tips:

1. Avoid plugging into a ‘GFI’ outside plug. GFI’s are notorious for easily tripping their breaker. You need a standard plug protected by at least a 20 amp breaker.

2. Use a heavy duty extension cord. At least 14 gauge. (12 gauge is better for longer runs.)

3. Consider running two heaters. (On two different circuits for extra protection.)

4. Insulate your truck. This will keep your van warm, help prevent freeze-ups and cut your electric bill!

And finally moving into a heated warehouse with 12′ garage doors and room for all my truck mounts transformed my life! Winters were (almost) fun again!

NOTE: Just to be safe bring your chemicals that are not “freeze-thaw stable” (such as Scotchgard) inside with you at night? (Don’t ask me how I learned this one!)

Keep your van warm and keep safe out there!


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