Should you offer “Same Day Service”?

same day service

Your customer’s are often motivated by urgent “surprise events”. Examples? “My mother-in-law is making a surprise visit… tomorrow!” Or, “We just learned corporate is inspecting our facility… tomorrow!” And of course, “I have three inches of water in my living room and need someone… NOW!”

You can smugly reply to these desperate callers pleading with, “Sorry, I’m booked solid for 3 weeks!” But then you’ll miss out on this client’s downstream R & R (repeat and referral) income!

So I strongly encourage our SFS students to splash this offer everywhere…

“Same Day Service Available”

When customers are in a hurry (aren’t we all any more?) this sense of urgency means the “Your prices are higher than xxxx …”  objection goes away! And you will differentiate yourself from your competition!

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Remember you are using your “Same Day Service” to motivate prospects to call you first before “Brand X”. Most customers (with a little “massaging”) will accept a future date. For those who absolutely must have it done TODAY either fit them in (it helps to stop overbooking your tech’s day!) or share the job with one of your Strategic Partners.

HINT: Don’t charge a “penalty” for “Same Day Service”. If you do want to make more profit just calmly state your (higher) price. “Same day people” will pay more but don’t rub their nose in it by listing a separate additional charge!

NOTE: Advertise your “Same Day Service” option on your website, vans and customer mailers. (Test the “same day service” phrase in Google’s pay-per-click AdWords.)

Restoration HINT: “Same day” won’t cut it on a water loss! You need to be there FAST… as in an hour or less 24-7! So generously bonus your on-call techs.

Commercial HINT: Use the Facility Manager’s desperation to get your foot in the door. Then give your grateful Facility manager at least three different frequency “zoned options” going forward. (I got so many long term commercial Service Agreements this way!)


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