Grab those “BF’s” and “PUD’s”

capture-ideas-when-they-happenWe all have them- sudden genius flashes of inspiration! (I call this a “brain flash” (or “BF” for short) where a solution just pops into my head.) The power of your subconscious working away on thorny problems is huge. In fact, just temporarily putting off taking action (OK, I call it “creative procrastination”!) has given me some of my very best ideas. The challenge…

Your “BF’s” usually occur during non-distracted times that promote “reflective meditation”. (My guess is your best ideas come when driving, waking up, brushing your teeth or my personal favorite- taking a long, hot shower!)  But its tough to capture these “break-through ideas” during these routine activities. Or maybe a simple “Wow, I gotta call my web developer!” pops up in your head! Think about it…

You don’t have pen and paper to write your BF’s or just those tiny “gotta do this” Pop-Up-Details (PUD’s- forgive me!) down! Am I right or what? OR EVEN WORSE do you scribble yourself a note and then LOSE THE SCRAP OF PAPER? (And your brilliant idea that was going to transform your life forever is GONE which of course haunts you for an eternity! GRRRR!) So what to do?

Ask yourself: “What do I always have on me? (Besides my underwear, that is?)” EXACTLY! Your smart phone! So…

Install a note taking “to-do-list” app on your cell phone! (Make sure it supports speech transcription.)

Now you will always have a “BF/PUD capturing device” with you!  When inspiration strikes simply key up your app, mutter (or type) your idea into your phone and boom- saved forever!

NOTE: Don’t get “too cryptic” describing your idea or you won’t even know what it is when you come back to it. (Don’t ask me how I learned this one!)

There are a multitude of to-do-list apps out there. I use Google’s “Keep” because it is a) simple, b) easily captures writing, photos and voice, c) syncs up to my Gmail and other Google apps plus d) hey- its free!  (HERE is a pretty good review of other popular “to-do-lists”.)

Most to-do-list apps let you classify your notes, assign deadlines, reminder calls or pop-ups and automatically sync back your lap-top and tablet. Many allow you to share selected information to groups you define and set up. Heck, I originally recorded my idea for this QuickTIP on my cell phone!

OK- enough talk! Its time for YOU to come up with (and capture) some great Brain Flashes! Then share them with me!)


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