Can you ‘Build your Business’ with SFS?

Strategies for Success– the #1 “Business Building” program in the industry. Did you catch that phrase “Business Building”? That’s right- Strategies for Success has always been all about giving you the tools to “build your business” in two ways.

A) Tested “plug and play” marketing procedures-  Obviously, your company can’t grow if your marketing doesn’t “move people to action”.  After all, if your web site doesn’t get the clicks or the phone doesn’t ring or if customers don’t do business with you then your company will be DOA! And yep- at SFS you will receive proven, tested ready-to-use marketing packages.

But at SFS we don’t stop with making your phone ring! (Lots of marketing packages can get you more work.) For example…

RESOURCE #1: Once your phone rings you need our 3 hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE for 100’s of ‘Lead Conversion’ ideas and systems to easily book prospects who use text, email, Facebook, website chat or even… the phone! HERE are our upcoming class dates…

But just getting super busy has actually doomed many entrepreneurs IF they don’t know how to handle this increased work!  So SFS goes beyond just giving you better marketing which leads me to…

B) The SFS Business Infrastructure-  That’s right- at SFS we actually give you a turnkey Business Infrastructure with ready-to-implement business systems.  But this is nothing new.  Since 1995 thousands of cleaning and restoration entrepreneurs have transformed their businesses (and their lives) thanks to Strategies for Success.

NOTE:  Many of our SFS members now have the power (if they wish) to become ‘absentee owners’- with their Critical Mass Business humming away generating cash while they have the PERSONAL FREEDOM to do whatever they want!  Doesn’t this concept resonate with you?

Of course, to build a business that will smoothly run without you you must recruit and keep a team of great employees! And here is HOW to get there…

RESOURCE #2: You’ll get 100’s of new hiring ideas and systems in our 3-hour, online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. To learn more and/or easily register online click HERE. procedures

But wait, that our online SFS: LIVE seminars are not just for carpet cleaners. Instead, we focus on “all three legs of our industry stool”- 1) the high profits of restoration, 2) the steady cash flow of contract commercial work and of course- 3) the high visibility of residential carpet cleaning. Why? Because many  of our SFS graduates have learned the value of a synergistic business where each of these three legs “support” the other two legs. (Incidentally, this is the same business model I used with wild success in my company.)

So is SFS trying to be “all things to everyone” but won’t really help any of our different industry sectors?  Nope- we gotcha covered! As an industry mentor of mine told me forty years ago, “Steve, all I sell is people.”  And that is what SFS focuses on- “people”.  For you to truly build your business you need to successfully hire, train and motivate employees.  And trust me- our new online SFS classes will make you a “people wizard”!

But once again- people need structure so our new online SFS training includes an extensive turnkey “Business Infrastructure”! In each different SFS online training seminar you’ll receive the paperwork and procedures to make the concepts we cover happen ‘down-in-the-trenches’!

Think about this: You have spent years building a good company- why not invest even a few hours to make it into something truly great AND in the process discover a new sense of personal freedom?  Make sense?  Then I’ll see you soon at one of our Strategies for Success seminars!


PS  Still waffling?  🙂  Then spend a few minutes reflecting on your future HERE.

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