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What progress will you make in the next 182 DAYS?

So what was special about yesterday? Simple! It was the 183rd day of your last personal six months! Yep- this date changes every day as in you are starting today you are ‘halfway’ as in 182 days away from finishing your ‘running year’!

Traditionally a new year is the time for reflection and… RESOLUTIONS! So how are you doing in this constantly changing ‘personal year’ of yours? Not so good? If so…

Instead of peeing away days, weeks and months waiting for the next ‘calendar New Year’ till you can make more unlikely-to-be-kept New Year’s resolutions let’s get to work TODAY as in RIGHT NOW! I want you to first…

Reflect on some serious ‘introspective questions’!

Ask yourself:

  1.  Am I in my ‘Sweet Spot’? Do you look forward to each and every day? If not, ask yourself…
  2.  Have I wound up on ‘The Road In-Between’? (RIB) ‘Stay small’ or ‘get big’- the choice is up to you. But do NOT spend your life stuck on the RIB!
  3.  Do I have the ‘Fire in the Belly’ to REALLY change? It can be agonizingly difficult to change your business AND your life. IF you can’t (won’t) do it… then don’t start! Instead, reread #1 and #2 above! Finally, reflect on…

This oh-so-very-important saying, “A day is a terrible thing to waste!” Now imagine floating along (wasting) the next day/week/month/year and then make ALL of these plural! (And yes, you’ll learn in our SFS training options that you can be busy, busy, busy and STILL wasting time!) Finally, reflect on…

4. Who is the biggest enemy to my success? That’s right- YOU ARE! UNLESS you list out a specific, step-by-step Action Plan to guide your future course!

Your ‘homework’: Analyze your only two valid business (and life) ‘success choices’:

A) Stay small as a (very profitable) ’boutique, prestige cleaner’ OR…

B) Build a larger Critical Mass Business that will run smoothly without you. Let’s focus on your Action Plan candidates for option ‘A’ real soon!

NOTE: Does developing an Action Plan on your own seem like too much work? Then remember you’ll graduate from our five day SFS: Business Transformation with very own, personal Action Plan for the next twelve months! Or CLICK HERE to sign up for any of our five different SFS Training Options!


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