Your employees feel they deserve a regular pay check! BUMMER!

I loved being a solo owner-operator. Sioux and I stashed money away during our busy months (mid-April through November) and traveled during the winter. GREAT!

And then our company grew and… I loved that even more! After all, building a team of the Very Best People(VBP) is a fantastic feeling! Except I learned my VBP wanted a regular paycheck! SHOCKING! Yep, I had accidentally created a ‘Cash Flow Monster’!

Most of you (with the resources on our SFS website along with our ‘Growing Your Business’ Facebook Group CAN (fairly easily) build a Critical Mass Business that will run without you. So now let’s focus on how to..

Regularly feed the ‘Cash Flow Monster’ of a Critical Mass Business

Start up a pre-programmed, pre-paid residential maintenance program. We weren’t a big company and yet my ‘Stay Beautiful’ (S/B) program brought in over 13,000 bucks a month… automatically AND for work we hadn’t even done yet! CLICK HERE for a quick S/B orientation. Or download this free manual on how to implement the S/B program!

NOTE: This same ‘S/B’ concept of a low monthly payment automatically (and painlessly) withdrawn from your client’s account works great with cleaning hardwood floors, tile and grout, upholstery, garage floors, dryer vents, exterior pressure washing, etc!

Implement ‘forward scheduling’. It works for your dentist- why not you? Now you’ll have ‘cash flow in waiting’ with future work on the books BEFORE you leave the client’s home!

Obsess over signing up regular contract commercial accounts. Most carpet cleaners (and many restoration contractors) lust after regular contracts. And yet very few have them! Why? ‘Fear of rejection’ and the deadly ‘Displacement Activities’! So HERE is an entire archive on how to be successful in commercial work.

Increase the size of your ‘marketing funnel’. The purpose of marketing is to keep your phone ringing with NEW accounts. But wait! Why are new accounts so important? Because even the best companies suffer from ‘Client Erosion’! (I think this point deserves its very own QuickTIP!)


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