Forward Scheduling fills your schedule a year in advance!

forward scheduling boosts salesYour customers SAY they clean their carpets every year.  I REPLY- “WRONG!”  Why not?  Because having workers in the “inner sanctum” of their home is a “Tolerated Irritation” and so your clients put off their cleaning!

Yet people dread their dentist even more than having their carpets cleaned!  Even so, your dentist keeps you “on track” with “Forward Scheduling”.

As you pay the bill the dental receptionist “Forward Schedules” you by asking, “So for your next visit in six months are Tuesdays good for you?” And you meekly schedule your next appointment! (For a “Tolerated Irritation” you dislike!) So…

Offer your carpet cleaning customers a “forward scheduling” option. First, do a fantastic Value Added Service job and then…

  1. As they are writing the check open your tablet and ask, “So how often do you clean your carpets?”  Most will SAY “once a year”. (They lie!) 🙂
  2. Looking at your online calendar reply, “Hmmmm… we’ll be in your area on the first Tuesday of (name of month)? May I pencil your reservation in? Is morning or afternoon better for you?” Then…
  3. “We’ll give you a heads up 30 days ahead of (their date)Would you prefer emails, texts or verbal phone calls to remind you?
  4. With the home owner’s permission place your company logo sticker on their vacuum cleaner with the new time/date written on it. (Or use refrigerator magnets.)

Forward scheduling can also be used for your pre-paid  “Stay Beautiful” residential maintenance program! Just book their next cleaning in six months and sticker their vacuum while you are there.

Restoration HINT: By the end of the loss your Insured loves you! Then you say… “Goodbye forever!” Seriously think about the regular cash flow of residential and commercial cleaning accounts!

Commercial HINT: Use this same forward scheduling concept by ALWAYS including at least 3 price/frequency options on every commercial proposal!


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