Use this residential maintenance program for “guaranteed” clients!

residential maintenance program provides cashflowWanna “pee your pants” big time? Just calculate how much it costs you each month/ day/ hour to stay in business! And yet your phone(s) hasn’t rung all day! OUCH!

Sure, the “cash flow tollbooths” of “Open Access” commercial accounts are great! But all it takes is a management change and you are gone!

Meanwhile, your competitors are constantly marketing to your residential customers! (Who may not even remember who they used last year!) Keep your underwear “dry” (And enjoy “guaranteed cash flow” forever!) when you…

Implement a pre-paid residential maintenance program! We called it “Stay Beautiful”.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Set up an online “ACH Origination Service” with your bank. (Many home owners use “ACH debits”  to pay regular bills such as mortgage and car payments, utility bills, etc.)
  2. As your delighted home owner hands you the check ask: “Have you heard about our ‘Stay Beautiful’ maintenance plan?”
  3. Explain the basic concept: “With ‘Stay Beautiful’ your carpets look great year round! You auto-pay 10% of your one time cleaning monthly out of either a checking account or a credit card. (Look down at her work order/ check.) So in your case it would be $____ monthly. But now we’ll clean your carpets every six months so you basically are getting two cleanings for the price of one!”
  4. Fill in the blanks: “So today is March 8th. Six months from now in August we’ll clean all the open areas we did today. We’ll edge right up to the furniture so your carpets will look great. Then next March we’ll do the same great cleaning we did today including cleaning under the furniture. And all this for $____ per month so you don’t have to come up with a big amount ever again!”
  5. Your “no pressure close”: “Plus you also receive a free spotting call at any point during the year and you can cancel the program any time you wish! Here is our Stay Beautiful Service Agreement…?”

NOTE: I didn’t own a huge company. And yet I had over 8,000 bucks automatically appear in my account every month… for work I hadn’t even done yet! All thanks to our residential maintenance program.

Click HERE for the details on setting up your own Stay Beautiful program. You’ll sleep so much better!


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