WHO is your worst enemy? And WHAT to do about it!

reflect-on-your-own-path-to-successToo many years ago than I care to admit the famous comic character Pogo stated: “We have met the enemy and he is us!”😲 And so it is with entrepreneurs- we often are our own worst enemies. Think about it…

My guess is you started your own business because you were A) out of work/ needed to pay the rent, B) a rebel, C) were basically unemployable or D) all of the above. (Mark me down as a “D”!)

So you started your very own business and LOVED the freedom💖… way too much! Then the insidious Displacement Activities started gnawing into your business drive and ambition so now you are … (fill in the blank) So how can you “fight back against you?”

You MUST “hold yourself accountable” with an “Action Plan”.

As business owners we tend to “cherry pick” and only do the stuff we enjoy and avoid what we dread. And the days/weeks/month/years drift by! Yet it has been well said, “Success comes to those who will do what others won’t do.” And this includes learning more…

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So right now- sit down and write exactly where you want to be business wise in five years. (Number of employees, trucks, new shop, gross and net profits, etc.) Now start listing out the concrete Action Steps that you must take to meet these goals. Don’t worry about the order now- just do the shotgun approach and write down everything that comes to mind. (Remember, these are specific ACTION STEPS- not just general day dreams!)

Now “divide and conquer” by logically dividing these steps into yearly segments. (What needs to be done first?) Then put these Action Items  in order per month and even by week. So now WHAT will you now DO next week/month/year? Pin this Action Plan up on your mirror and start crossing these items off as you FINISH them. It is your life- no one else is going to focus on it like you can! But will you?

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    I believe I have seen a doc that talks about best practices for a carpet cleaner to move into water mitigation before.
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