Stop being shocked when an employee quits!

employee quitsHere’s the deal. Cleaning and restoration is a very “labor-intensive” business. So if you crave the elusive “Personal Freedom” you must (cue the threatening music here!) HIRE EMPLOYEES and accept the reality that every employee quits!

NOTE: Or you can stay small as a solo “Lone Wolf” owner-operator but this brings its own set of problems!

I tell every SFS: Business Transformation“My employees were my biggest business problem and yet were also my greatest joy… and sometimes on the same day!” What helped me? I finally recognized that…

Even your best employees will eventually… QUIT!

Circumstances change. Parents age, wives get transferred, a better career opportunity opens up, etc. So instead of smugly and complacently drifting along you must…

View “employee recruiting” as a routine, ongoing process and NOT a “desperate” event!

Think about it. You are (hopefully) continually marketing (competing) for new customers. In the same way you should be marketing (competing) for future employees that are the Very Best People. (VBP)

Think about it: When you marry the “right person” every day is a joy! The wrong person? GRRRRR! And yes, you do “marry” your employees! Soooo…

1. Constantly be “recruiting”. Here’s how to do it!

2. Avoid the dreaded “Desperation Hiring”. Your goal should be to…

3. Develop part time, on-call“Employees in waiting”. I found my best candidates already had a job! This meant I had to “recruit them” (see #1 above) and also…

4. Provide a “better job”. Your candidates will not be willing to wait for a full time position to open up with you UNLESS they view it as a “step up”. So you MUST offer a “better career opportunity” than other similar “competing jobs” in your area.

NOTE: You are not just competing for VBP against other carpet cleaning and restoration companies. Your competition includes any other business that your VBP candidates qualify for. So for techs this could be anything from UPS to Kinko’s Muffler to working construction. For office staff? Any other business who has… an office! (DUH, Steve!)

How can you successfully “compete” in your local job market for great people and not be “held hostage” when a really good employee quits (or threatens to do so)? (It happens!) Let’s talk about this soon!


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