How analyzing each complaint can ‘tune up’ your company

learn-from-complaints-in-your-cleaning-restoration-companyNo one likes getting complaints! And yet, IF you handle them right there can be a silver lining in the ugly cloud of an unhappy customer!

For example, when I 1) sent a “neutral” employee back to CHEERFULLY re-do the job and 2) responded quickly while 3) also performing  Symbolic Atonement (as in “doing something extra”) my complainer many times became a Turbo Cheerleader! GREAT!

But even so, I HATED IT when I kept getting the SAME complaint over and over again! GRRRR! Sooo…

Analyze each complaint and then change your procedure(s) so it won’t happen again!

You see, I was OK with a complaint… the FIRST time. After all, a complaining customer is just a wake up call to “tune up” your company. But before you can make these positive changes you need lots of “Why, When, Where, What and HOW?” answers.

Get the “problem avoidance info” you need by filling out a Customer Concern Follow-up Sheet (CCF) for every customer complaint. (Instantly download your CCF sheet HERE.)

Remember, many times the root of the problem starts much sooner in your Service Circle than when the customer FINALLY complains. So track down the actual moment when (and why) ‘your train started coming off the track’. Then tweak your procedure(s) or add a Moment of Truth so the problem won’t occur again! BINGO!

NOTE: Of course, it IS possible you just haven’t hired the right employee! If so, time to respectfully and gently move this marginal individual out of your life!

Restoration HINT: Traumatized fire and water damage Insureds desperately need positive Moments of Truth right from the git-go! So download this free Restoration Moment of Truth Checklist HERE.

NOTE: Remember that in restoration you have TWO people to please- the Insured AND the adjuster! Learn how to be a “Restoration Mediator” using ‘cloud storage’ options HERE.

Commercial HINT: Regular commercial contract accounts (and especially your Facility Managers) just want a “Drama Free” relationship. And that is exactly what you want too! Achieve this happy “blending into the woodwork” state with our super efficient Commercial Set-up List HERE.

Now get out there and start ‘tuning up’ your business to avoid the SAME complaints over and over again!


PS Many of you desperately need to tune up your company’s ‘call conversion’ ratio. Here’s why: Unhappy callers don’t complain, they just… (wait for it)… HANG UP! You’ve lost thousands of dollars ‘downstream income’ and don’t even know it! Stop peeing away your marketing dollars (and huge profits!) with my three hour SFS: Winning over your caller! online seminar. I guarantee you’ll more than pay for your entire seminar with your very next, “Uhhh… I’m just calling around checking prices…” phone call! Read more…

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