How to close the deal in a video chat ‘pre-inspection’.

video conferenceYour phone is (hopefully) ringing off the hook with previous clients calling! BUT many of these new prospects will initially be a dreaded, over-the-phone ‘Price Shopper’!😲

Why do most callers ask about price? Because they don’t know what else to ask!

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Your three-fold mission? 1) To ‘educate’ your new prospect that price should not be the ONLY factor in their buying decision. 2) To pre-inspect the premises to give an accurate price AND spot any potential problems. And finally, 3) to close the job!

With your charming good looks and sparkling personality these 3 steps have always been easy IF you’ve been face-to-face with your customer. BUT WAIT! We’re now in the ‘no contact’ world of COVID-19! Home owners don’t want ‘face-to-face contact’ with anyone!

FEAR NOT! Good, old Steve recently rode to your rescue! For example:

A) Click HERE for my phone script to convert a ‘price shopper’ into a video chat ‘remote pre-inspection’ of their premises.

B) Then click HERE for my step-by-step on how to do this ‘video walk-through’. (Which will save you HUGE amounts of drive time!)

But you’re thinking, “Wait, Steve! I don’t know how to close the sale while I’m with the customer on a video chat pre-inspection!” STOP FRETTING! Simply…

Use my two ‘closing questions’ to easily get your customer to say, “YES”!

FIRST: Be sure to click on the ‘A’ and ‘B’ links above to review my SFS video pre-inspection concept. My secret sauce here? The longer you keep the prospect involved answering Valid Business Questions the more time they are ‘investing’ in the process! The only way to get a ‘return’ on this ‘investment’? Book your company for the work!

So actually you’ve been ‘progressively closing’ during your entire video walk-through. (And especially as you sneakily introduce my ‘assumptive closing’ statements (A/C) during the pre-inspection!) Let’s get started and I’ll call out the ‘A/C’s’ as we go along!

1. After finishing your video tour with the homeowner simply review your notes verbally with them. Then ask, “Have I missed anything? Are we on the same page here?” 

2. “By the way, Mrs. Jones, thank you for showing me around since it let me know what we’ll be working with.”(A/C!) Then (if you have the capability) say: “So let me just quickly screen share a few photos of the process we’ll be using in your home.” (A/C!)

NOTE: Facetime and most Android phones and tablets offer screen sharing of a presentation or photos.

3. “Let me review your work order (A/C!) with the pricing, Mrs. Jones. For all the areas we’ve reviewed the price to clean and re-apply the protective finish will be…” Just a very tiny pause here and you then smoothly slide into your my first Closing Question…

4. “So Mrs. Jones, are we working with any deadlines on this project?” (A/C!) If she gives you a date to be done by she has really said, “Yes”! But if she says no that’s OK because I will just move quickly into my second Closing Question…

5. “Is there a day of the week that is better or worse for you?” (A/C!) If she replies “Oh, not on Monday. That’s an impossible day around here!” she really has said ‘Yes!” Or if she says, “Any day will work” that’s a big “Yes!” too! If I still can’t get a ‘go ahead and do it’ reply I will simply say,

6. “Well, let me check my schedule and see what’s available.” (A/C!) At this point she may answer, “Great! The sooner the better!” OR your prospect may start slip-sliding-away when she utters those words you dread to hear…

“Let me check with my husband and I’ll get back to you…” AAAARGH! You’re getting the old brush-off here! Let’s talk about how to conquer the “Let me talk with my husband…” deal-breaker very soon!

NOTE: Want more COVID-19 resources? Then click HERE!

Meanwhile, be safe and STAY WELL out there!


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