Why (and how) you should dramatically increase your ‘marketing funnel’!

You face three HUGE challenges in building a Critical Mass Business. (A company that will run without you being present 24-7:

Challenge #1: Developing a smoothly functioning ‘Business Infrastructure’ of interlocking procedures that bring sanity to your daily operations.

Challenge #2: Recruiting (and keeping) a team of the Very Best People to work with (not ‘for’) you.

Challenge #3: Maintaining a steady stream of work (read here ‘cash flow’!) to fund #1 and #2! To do so you must…

Develop a bigger ‘marketing funnel’.

Marketing really is a game of numbers. Your goal? To constantly increase the amount of people who immediately think of your company when a need arises. Marketing gurus call this ‘TOMA’. (Top of Mind Awareness.)  Achieve TOMA with more prospects and the more work (cash) you will have!

Yet another challenge? Your prospective customers are overwhelmed with life! So it takes repeated ‘impressions’ for you to acquire TOMA in their sub-conscious. Here’s some low-tech AND low-cost ways to build TOMA by increasing your ‘impressions’ in your market…

Signed business vehicles- Your ‘moving billboards’ should be the same color. (Bonus points for a memorable color like ‘shocking pink’ or ‘vivid purple’!) IF you wrap your vehicles keep it simple and ’emotional’. Make phone number and website address obvious.

CAUTION: Keep your signed vehicles clean and insist on ‘courteous driving’ from your techs! And speaking of techs…

CLEAN, Uniformed technicians- Go ahead, look (really look!) at your staff. Would you want them in YOUR home? Invest in spiffy uniforms (and photo ID badges) and then insist on ‘professional conduct’ when AT ALL TIMES wearing them!

Home and trade shows- Done right, a busy Home Show can catapult you into GREAT TOMA with 1,000’s of potential clients! CLICK HERE for how…

Orient the neighbors- During every residential job stop by the house on each side and the three closet neighbors across the street. Simply introduce yourself, apologize for any noise and give them a bottle of Free Lifetime Spotter. (Bonus your techs for every job they get doing this!)

Your Marketing Funnel really is ‘all about relationships’. Going forward let’s focus more on this…


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