Do college graduates make good carpet cleaning employees?

carpet-cleaning-employee-graduatesIt is the classic two part American Dream.  Part One- The parents work hard, save money, send their kids to college.  Part Two- The parents proudly watch their children become happier, wealthier and more successful than their under-educated parents could have ever dreamed of!  And yet, more and more educators are saying there is a fundamental flaw in this automatic “No ifs- no buts- you’re going to college immediately after high school” scenario.

NOTE:  I of all people have nothing against education.  After all, teaching is both my vocation and my passion.  But work with me on this …

A recent New York Times article titled Plan B: Skip college stated that instead of an automatic four year or more college education:

… some high school graduates would be better served by being taught how to behave and communicate in the workplace.

Such skills are ranked among the most desired — even ahead of educational attainment — in many surveys of employers. In one 2008 survey of more than 2,000 businesses in Washington State, employers said entry-level workers appeared to be most deficient in being able to “solve problems and make decisions,” “resolve conflict and negotiate,” “cooperate with others” and “listen actively.”

“Behave and communicate in the work place.” Wow, I know a lot of college graduates who are seriously deficient in these areas!  My guess is many of your employees also fall short in such areas as problem solving, negotiation, cooperation with others and especially “listening actively”  I lump all of these communication skills into one big grab bag I call “Emotional Dynamics”!

The Times article goes on to suggest vocational programs that teach these Emotional Dynamics skills plus on-the-job mentoring.  Yes, whether you like it or not you MUST mentor your entry level employees in Emotional Dynamics if your company is going to be the “Cheerleader making machine” you want it to be.  However, there already IS a miniature one day “vocational program” already in place that will help your cleaning Technicians to learn the Emotional Dynamics of the Home Front.

Meanwhile, with your help this site will continue to be a “resource portal” of practical ideas on the Emotional Dynamics of working with the customer in their home.  So please keep sending me your ideas and experiences on how you are “Making the Cheerleader”!


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