Make the “News” in your city …

Here is a simple, safe and economical marketing strategy. While social media and Internet marketing get all the buzz your local newspaper is very likely desperate for anything that will differentiate itself from its on-line competition. Many people think using a “press release” is old-fashioned.  However, reaching a focused market base with a newsy tidbit about your company always works AND doing so FREE is a nice bonus!

See a sample Press Release submitted by SFS Member Ivan Turner HERE.

The many uses you can give this method are practically endless… Is your company involved in any community services? Let the community know! The next time one of your staff furthers their education through a seminar or workshop (we obviously are particularly fond of Strategies for Success and VAST seminars) be sure to inform the masses through your local media.


P.S. So just HOW do you keep your customers informed of news in your company and how they can benefit? Please share your ideas below in the comments.

P.P.S. One gentle request. Remember that this free QuickTIPS service depends on all our members sharing their Techniques, Ideas, Procedures and Systems. (Cute acronym, huh?) So please, go to our online form to submit your quickTIPS

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