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Why invest 5 days with Strategies for Success (SFS)? Because you want “more” out of your business and your life! (If you don’t have the “fire in the belly” to improve an already good business please do NOT take up space at SFS!)

SFS is NOT a “magic bullet” providing guaranteed success with no effort on your part. However, you WILL leave SFS with your very own step-by-step “blueprint” (we call it an “Action Plan”) AND the tools to take your company to a new level of “absentee ownership”. (Wouldn’t it be great to work when YOU want to and not be “enslaved” by your business?)

Note: Save $400.00 on any SFS! Just register and pay 30 days or more before your SFS seminar and get our special $875.00 price. (That’s a 32% savings from the regular $1275.00 SFS price!)

After reflecting on this short SFS orientation video (AND your goals in life!) please consider reserving your seat.

Steve Toburen

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