Strategies For Success Seminar- October, 2008 (Roselle, IL)


“Chuck was an excellent presenter. His energy level was motivating! He made numbers exciting!”

Jill Acocella, Acocella Carpet Cleaning
Glenview, IL

“Bill was excellent. But my best, most useful moment was his personal attention to me during lunch. Wow!”

Ron Trella, Kleen Team
Midlothian, IL

“I have never been to a course where the owner of the business was so involved. I so much enjoyed being a part of the SFS class and getting to be catered to by Nick. He is a wonderful man and business leader. I hope I have half the attitude he displays. Thank you and your staff.

Shawn Garber, Nubrite Floor Cleaning
Rockwall, TX

“Angela is a great front person for this program and Nick … what a special treat to interact with the owner. Jon-Don is a big business with a small business mentality. You guys rule!!”
“By the way, Andy Robinson is totally awesome. He is not only really knowledgeable, but he is now a friend that is always willing to help in more ways than I can describe. Andy is a GREAT asset to Jon-Don!”

Josh Tubero, Disaster Kleenup
Northbrook, IL

“My husband, Martin, is a past attendee of SFS. We have been planning to attend together for some time. Over the last couple years I have read through his SFS books but being her for five days has brought it all to light. I loved it!
All spouses and business partners should attend SFS together. You will have common goals and a clear understanding of how to move forward and make your business a success!”

Kelly Bressel, Sonora Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Sonora, CA

“First thing I am going to do when I get home is to ‘fire’ my old self and re-hire my SFS self! I plan on completely tearing down my old systems (not that I had any) and will build new systems within my company. I am completely blown away by Nick, Angela, Steve, Bill and Chuck! I will definitely start getting more stuff through Jon-Don.”

Doug Dimick, New Life Carpet and Furniture Cleaning
Spearfish, SD

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