SFS Member Profile: Referral Cleaning and Restoration

Ron-&-Alan-Falls-with-Steve-Toburen-at-Connections-October-2010We recently hand delivered 260 pumpkin pies to thank our “Cheerleader” networking partners who refer us to their clients. So Steve, all these “thank you’s” reminded me to thank you and SFS! I first attended Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success seminar around 2000 when Dad and I came to the class. (I remember having to explain to to my high school principal why I needed a week off from school!)

Since then I have returned to Strategies several times and always learn more. Steve, I admire your passion and desire to help others. I also really appreciate your advice in business, dealing with employees, etc. So a HUGE thank you to everyone on the SFS team from all of us at Referral Cleaning and Restoration!

Alan Falls
Referral Cleaning
Fort Wayne, IN


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