Facebook Fan Pages- yes or no?

social-networkingAre you like me in trying to figure out if there is some valid businessreason to be on Facebook? I really am trying to get into this stuff but if one more person sends me a request to join their mafia I am going to send Uncle Nick Paolella (better know as Cousin Junior on the Sopranos) for a visit!  But let’s cut to the chase …

Yes, there is definitely a place for your company on Facebook. But instead of me trying to tell you I am going to give you a link that will do a much better job of convincing you. Ben McConnell is also the author along with Jacki Huba of Creating Customer Evangelists which ties in nicely with customer cheerleaders. Their blog is Church of the Customer Blog.

So the link is here: Facebook fan pages are the future

Check this out and then please comment below on how you plan to or actually have implemented the Facebook concept in your company.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Fan Pages- yes or no?”

  1. Bill,

    Where can I find the video on how to set up a Facebook page for my business. I saw it on the website a few weeks ago, obviously didn’t take advantage of it right away, and now I cannot find it.

    Ron Reichert
    Master Building Maintenance

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