SFS Seminar- January, 2012 (Tampa Bay, FL)

Steve, first and foremost thank you for an absolute amazing week of learning at the SFS last week. It has really really opened my eyes to the ENDLESS possibilities of my business. I attend plenty of the seminars in the industry and this is bar none the BEST and most informative one I’ve been too. So thanks again.

Cris Bray
S.R.C Reconstruction & Disaster Restoration

Even though I’m fairly new to the business, I’ve heard great things about the class. Chuck was excellent and I can now make my company more profitable with a regimented approach the financials and acquiring “A” employees. Bill’s teaching was excellent. He’s energetic and fun to listen to. Steve’s presentation was fantastic. He’s not about the fancy equipment or techniques, rather it’s all about the customer experience. By using the concepts learned I’m certain we will be leaders in our geographical area very soon. For anyone starting out in business this seminar answers a lot of questions. My eyes are now wide open. I’ve found many pieces to the puzzle that I’d been missing. Thanks again!

Pete Emidy
Rainbow International of SW Florida

At my age of 18 I decided to attend the SFS seminar to put me ahead by 20 years. The first day’s information was able to set a mirror and frame of what direction the class would take. The marketing topics discussed on Tuesday were amazing. Words can not express how grateful I am for SFS! You will not be able to learn all the information they teach you during this one week in your next 30 years. Attend and you’ll know what to do next. Papa Nick and everyone did an amazing job. I plan to recommend this course as well as bring my employees and managers to the next seminar. Thank you for the knowledge.

Erik Solano
East Service Cleaning

Chuck’s day was fantastic! I learned so much. Definitely more than I expected. Knowing how to better understand my financials will make me more profit within a very short time. Most of us have never been taught how to read financials correctly. Any small business could learn from the fundamentals that Chuck covers. People should attend this course to become better organized in their company structure.

Carl Curran
Curran Construction

I was feeling stuck, trying to determine if I should quit my job and start working my cleaning company full-time. I didn’t understand how to properly price jobs, but now I do. Steve is the best! I would recommend SFS to everyone because it’s great. Now I have a vision for my company.

Bernard Hendricks
Unlimited Cleaning

Learning the importance of line item standard percentages on financials is an excellent tool. Bill’s presentation is OUTSTANDING with updated info presented in a style that includes excellent class participation. Anyone who attends this class will be exposed to more GOOD ideas than they would likely be able to immediately implement. The seminar is FULL of great information to systemize business and increase profits.

Joe Marinelli
Joe Cleans

Steve Toburen’s expertise is off the charts! He is a great teacher and overflowing with knowledge. The food was great, the chairs comfy and the staff were wonderful too. I will be back next year. I learned so much but can only implement a certain amount now. Will be back for a refill in 2013.

Marie Etheridge
Etheridge Carpet & Tile

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