Strategies for Success Seminar- April, 2012 (Jon-Don Dallas, TX)

SFS Dallas (April, 2012)
SFS Dallas (April, 2012)

If people don’t attend this class they have NO idea what their business in missing. A must for everyone as a new business starting out. I feel I will have a huge advantage over others. The environment in the class was outstanding, couldn’t be better! Papa Nick is more than generous. He went WAY out of his way to make me feel like part of the family.

Steve Crane
Beyond Kleen Carpet Cleaning

SFS offers great information to help jumpstart or improve an existing business. Being a start-up company I learned so much on marketing, getting the upsale and motivating employees. The instructors are very knowledgeable and I recommend the class to anyone.

Louis Harrison
Harrison’s Ultimate Carpet Cleaning

SFS will show you the right way to run your biz.

Brett Sellers
Area Homes

Chuck was terrific!! A++++ I came to this class to get a more in-depth understanding of running a successful remediation company. Other people should attend this class to get vital knowledge. It answers lots of “what do I do next” questions.

Larry Unger Inc.

This class gives you the tools to make your business a success. Grow from an idea – to a plan – to forecasting your growth … practical tools and info. I appreciate so much all that Steve gave of himself. I would recommend this class to anyone, new business or old – just not to anyone in Alaska.

Michele Mckean
System Clean

I love Jon-Don! The SFS seminar motivates you to move your company to the next level. I look forward every year to Chuck’s part of SFS – as it totally rejuvenates me & reminds me of things (valuable) that I may be overlooking. Bill’s reminders on day 2 re: communicating the importance of our 3 tier pricing and strategy was invaluable. I have highly recommended it to many friends across the USA and everyone that has come has agreed – it is such a worthwhile week that can change your business – if you implement just a few of the suggestions offered. Every year we come we implement more (since you can’t do everything) we will continue to come and learn and strengthen our company! And we will continue to recommend Strategies to all of our colleagues! It only makes us all better!!

Erika Herman
Cornerstone Chem-Dry

Even as an employee I can help the company with what I learned. If I ever open up my construction business again I can really add to my service even though the class caters to restorers and carpet cleaners. There was so much information that at times it was hard to absorb it all. A superb class!! Any business owner that attends will benefit, even if they only use 25% of what they learn.

Tim Kimbrough
Lamunyon Cleaning & Restoration

The information on understanding Financials/Profit documents was excellent! To understand the business side of Cleaning & Restoration this class is a must. The hiring procedures were outstanding!

David Compton
Compton’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Steve’s expertise was A+, four stars, 11 out of 10. The best way I can describe the seminar is that it’s the “real deal”. As opposed to other seminars, there is more “meat” here.

Michael Court
Brimley’s White Glove Chem Dry

I recommend ALL owners (and others invested) attend this program together at the same time! The only way the ship will have a smooth growth. Because that is what will happen … GROWTH!

Teresa Cyr
Mighty Clean

I have been reading Steve’s articles for years. This Strategies class has been more informative than I was expecting. He did a great job. It will change my business greatly.

Gary Flynn
Ace of Clean Carpet & Upholstery

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