Carry all your small items in a rectangular bucket

Better efficiency means you will “Make More Money”(MMM) on each job. (This MMM principle applies to restoration, residential and commercial cleaning along with Jon-Don’s new concrete prep division.)

One way to get more efficient? Just make fewer trips to the truck. Yet you still need all your small tools/chemicals with you. You’ll achieve both of these goals when you …

Load all your spray bottles, spotters, tamping brushes, groomers, towels and micro-fiber mops into a rectangular 6 gallon bucket. Now all your small items are carried in one trip and stay with you during the job.

So why not use the old reliable- a five gallon bucket? Because a rectangle is much more efficient volume-wise than a round bucket. A six gallon rectangular bucket will carry more, stow better in your truck, not tip over and be easier to lug around!

Now a question for you … how do you get more efficient on the job? Please share your tips with your buddies “down in the trenches”. As I always say, “We’re all in this together!”

Steve Toburen

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  1. We supplied our technicians with tool bags from Lowes and have never looked back. They hold 7 or 8 spotter bottles, wall buddies, blocks/tabs, towels, tools and more. They can be carried by a strap or wheeled in (though be careful with dirty wheels). Also, they can be locked so there are no excuses for missing supplies.

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