Our Melting Pot Society

Regardless of your political or social opinion, this one should be a wake up call for many of us.  America’s immigrants are moving more and more into the mainstream economically with more disposable income available. Whether you philosophically agree or not, this assimilation is a reality of life. This system can help you stay ahead of the curve.

We have a large Hispanic population of residential customers as well as workers.  Many of them don’t speak much English so they function better with ones who speak their own language.  So it helps to have our Procedures written in Spanish, as well as Spanish product and service information for consumers.

What does the influx of immigrants mean for you? Well, a larger population base can certainly translate to more people wanting their carpets cleaned!  In addition, we will be hiring more and more from these same immigrant groups in the years ahead.  So you should be looking at having your marketing information and production Procedures translated.  Many progressive carpet cleaning companies are now advertising their multi-lingual capabilities on their web pages, truck signage, in the Yellow Pages and in other marketing mediums.


P.S. How do you cater to non-English speaking residents in your community? Please share your techniques below in the comments.

P.P.S. One gentle request. Remember that this free QuickTIPS service depends on all our members sharing their Techniques, Ideas, Procedures and Systems. (Cute acronym, huh?) So please, go to our online form to submit your quickTIPS

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