Strategies for Success Seminar- May, 2010 (Jon-Don Atlanta, GA)

Strategies for Success Atlanta (May, 2010)
Strategies for Success Atlanta (May, 2010)

Jon-Don Atlanta hosted the latest Strategies for Success seminar on May 10 – 14, 2010. Chuck Violand, Bill Yeadon and Steve Toburen thoroughly enjoyed sharing their combined 110 years of experience “down in the trenches” with those in attendance.

Five days of concentrated attention on the basics of finances, marketing, infrastructure and Value Added Service for carpet cleaning and restoration businesses can do wonders. Just see what these 38 cleaners had to say about their experience last week.

“Bill Yeadon’s communication and presentation skills were A+ all the way.  Previously, I knew that marketing was valuable but viewed it as a chore.    Not anymore!  To sum it up- Bill opened my eyes and I now see that marketing can be exciting!  I am a 100% Cheerleader for SFS.  This class is full of valuable strategies that I will apply in business as well as my personal life.”

Christa Anderson,
Sunrise Clean Care & Water Restoration
Stone Mountain, GA

Yep, Christa, I gotta reluctantly agree with you that this diminutive Irishman is one smart cookie.  I’m not sure how Bill has managed to tap so thoroughly into the feminine buying psyche!  Maybe being the only make in a household with colleen and three daughters will do that to a man.

“You are all a great team.  I felt like family.  I gotta get my partner into Strategies for Success.  No matter what your level of education or experience, if you own a business you simply have to take this course!”

Aaron Archer, SDR Construction LLC
McDonough, GA

I’m delighted to hear you are signing your partner up, Aaron.  He is going to be looking at you like a drooling idiot when you burst back into the office and start babbling about Moments of Truth and Cheerleaders and Baseline Expectations, etc, etc, etc!  It is essential that you get your key people up to speed on Value Added Service concepts.  Don’t forget that a great primer for both your partner and your employees will be our June 16th VAST class here in Atlanta.

“I am confident that my new business will grow directly proportional to how fast I can implement the Value Added Service ideas in SFS.  Seriously, anyone in a service business will benefit from the principles espoused in SFS.  Thanks for the training and hospitality.”

Dan Matthews, Speedy Response
Tifton, GA

Glad to see you used the magic phrase “implement”, Dan.  As we learned it is all about starting (implementing) and keeping it going. (Institutionalizing.)

“Strategies for Success was awesome- the value of the SFS Operations Manual alone justified the cost of the class.”

Vicki Meacham, Premier Carpet Care
Ozark, AL

Thanks, Vicki.  We had a great time and now you know why you should never sit in the front row at SFS!

Thank you so very much to Steve and all the great folks like Cara, Andy, Chris, Angela, Chuck, Bill, “Papa” Nick and everyone behind the scenes at Jon-Don! This was the best five days of my professional life. Jon-Don is such an amazing organization; sure there are a lot of “good” companies out there, but Jon-Don is truly a GREAT company! I look forward to the everlasting relationship with Jon-Don and the friends that I have made while attending SFS!

I’d like to close with a quote from one of my favorite “doers” ……..

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Best wishes to all,
Zachary C. Long, Elite Environmental Restoration Services, Inc.
Macon, GA

Thanks so much, Zachary.  You are an impressive young man and your Jon-Don is delighted to be your “Partner for Success!  (We’ll help anyone but life is a lot easier when our “partners” are super sharp people!) I was especially happy to see that you included everyone in our SFS group for praise instead of just singling me out for praise.  Strategies for Success is very much a team effort.  Steve

2 thoughts on “Strategies for Success Seminar- May, 2010 (Jon-Don Atlanta, GA)”

  1. I walked into the office this morning with a true game plan. Thank you for this fantastic program. The tools you gave the class to start down the road to true success are worth far more than the cost of the course. I look forward to reporting Klassy Kleans progress as we implement the new protocols & systems to build the much needed infrastructure we discussed last week.

    Lynn Edwards, Klassy Klean LLC
    Alabaster, Alabama

  2. SFS member Caryn Cameron in Stone Mountain, GA sent this in and gave permission to post it.

    Hi Steve,

    Hope all is well with you and your family. I have been wanting to send this picture of Christa ( our office manager) ever since she won your contest for the Hall of Fame of employees strategy she submitted at Strategies in Atlanta. She really enjoyed your class and she came back with a better understanding of why we do the things we do here at Sunrise. We were so proud of her for winning your contest. Thanks a bunch !

    Caryn Cameron
    Sunrise Clean Care & Water Restorations
    Christ at Sunrise Clean Care and Water Restorations

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