Strategies for Success Seminar- August, 2012 (Jon-Don St. Louis, MO)

Strategies for Success St. Louis (August, 2012)

I would like to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful class last week. I know an event like this requires a lot of preparation and effort and it is very difficult to anticipate people’s questions and expectations but as far as I am concerned all of you did a wonderful job; you kept us all engaged and eager to learn. I have attended many seminars during the course of my career but in all honesty this is the first time that I attended a seminar and felt that everything being presented to us was genuine and had our best interest at heart. All of you made this possible and I am very grateful for that experience.

We covered a lot of ground during the week and now my job is to sort it all out and implement these wonderful concepts and procedures in my business. Our customers and our employees will thank you for that.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and the great hospitality offered to us last week.

Jorge Salhuana Sr.
ServiceMaster Restoration Services

Many thanks for one fantastic week. What a great team! I can sum up the week with one word OVERWHELMED. This was like having Thanksgiving dinner from 8 to 5, five days in a row. It was very evident that you have no weak links in your system. Your teamwork skills were incredible.

We are excited to now fasten our seat belts and implement, implement, implement.
We will keep you posted on all the ups and downs of putting “25 pounds” of material into action at BLUE DIAMOND PREMIUM.

Thanks again to all of you for you inspiration and caring attitudes!

Paul Kelly
Blue Diamond Premium Cleaning & Restoration

People who attend this class will not only learn a ton, they will also feel rejuvenated! Chuck’s section on Hiring and Employee Issues was extremely helpful! As a human resource manager, Chuck provided many tools to help us keep from hiring the wrong people for the job, as well as to start them off on the right foot. I really enjoyed his energy! He was also easy to follow in unfamiliar areas. Bill’s references to Restoration Marketing were helpful. I will use the business cards suggestions right away.

Marie Roth
Premier Restoration Services

I particularly liked the discussion of key indicators on the Financials/Profit Potential and how they can help in decision making. SFS definitely forces you to think about ALL the aspects of a business. Chuck Violand is very good at explaining complex topics.

John Zuge
SERVPRO of Milwaukee North

The hiring and emoployee incentive programs will make my company more profitable right away. Bill Yeadon’s communicationa and presentaion skills are somewhere between A+ and A++. I particularly found useful the information on Newsletters.

Matt McQueen
Carpet Care Plus

I rate Chuck Violands presentaion skills very high. He is very easy to understand. The Financials section was very valuable to me personally as the Accounts Recievable person in our company. Bill Yeadon is an awesome presenter. I plan to implement very soon the advice on regularly visiting carpet retailers and the week after performing the work contacting the customer. While some of the points in Steve’s section don’t apply to my position directly but now I can now hold those above me accountable.

Thom Stow
Courtesy Care

This course provides everything it promises and then some. Day one alone is worth the price of the class and the rest is all gravy.

Don Reeves

We don’t have employees in our company yet but when the time comes thes employment section covered will be handy. The spreadsheets provided will help us immediately to better price our services.

Christy Reeves

Unless you are receiving one-on-one coaching everyone should take this seminar at least every two years. For me this class was a refresher but it impressed on me the importance of hiring GREAT team members, implementing systems and knowing your numbers. It is so important to reinvest in yourself and your business. Chuck is just a great, casual, approachable yet professional guy. Bill’s info on day two reminded me of the usefulness of a marketing calendar. We are going to implement soon the postcards directed towards different life stages.

Joe Donley
Donley Services

SFS helps you look at your business from a different perspective. While I don’t have employees yet, I am no longer afraid to consider that option. Overall Chuck’s information made for an engaging, enjoyable day. Steve Toburen has walked the walk and I am glad that he is willing to share what works and what doesn’t, an excellent presentation. With the Value Added Service principles we will be able to distance ourselves from the competitors by miles. I definitely recommend this class to others, why find this stuff out by trial and error when everything needed has been consolidated in one course.

Jeff McLaughlin
Carpet Care Specialists

Based on what I learned in day one I will be able to lower my COGS, read and understand my account sheets and by tracking my financial ensure profits and growth. I would tell other business owners that they should attend SFS because it will teach them how to run your business in a way that is profitable, enjoyable and successful. After Day 1 the class already paid for itself in value. After Day 2 I feel better about organizing the marketing, from establishing our mission and tactics to getting it scheduled. Bill is easy to follow and understand. His presentation was lively, friendly, informative and the thougts were very clearly conveyed. This was the best marketing info I have ever gotten. Steve Toburen’s information will be making a lasting impression for years to come. He gave us concrete principles, not just the theory. To anyone anywhere in this industry you need to take this class.

Troy McLaughlin
Carpet Care Specialists

Bill Yeadon is A+! 100% I received a ton of marketing ideas and plan on using thank you report cards immediatly. The relationship building tips were amazing!

Nathaniel White

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