It’s getting cold outside

In a perfect world it would always be a sunny and beautiful 72 degrees outside. Or at the very least when it dips below forty all carpet cleaners would be down on the Mexican Riviera with those little parasol drinks! But truck payments, rent and the Yellow Pages bill are all “motivators” to keep dragging those hoses, even when it’s cold outside! Here is a great technique  …

When it’s really cold outside, place an extra 50’ length of vacuum hose from the van to the house. Then run the solution line inside it to keep it both from freezing and to prevent heat loss.

Ahhh yes, the joys of running a business in cold weather. A much appreciated boon for those working in Water Damage Restoration of course but certainly a challenge when trying to give top attention to clean and protect the customer’s home. While we want to protect our equipment don’t forget about insulating the home from the elements as well. Here are two products sold by Jon-Don that do the trick. The insulating Door Guard and Booties.  And no I don’t get a percentage of the sales.  😉

Steve Toburen

P.S. How do you survive the winter? Share your ideas below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “It’s getting cold outside”

  1. I go to the local hardware store and buy 50′ of foam pipe insulation and wrap it around the solution line from the machine to the front door of the customer. It’s very inexpensive and much easier than feeding the solution line thru the vacuum hose. It only costs a few dollars and really helps with heat loss.

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