Failure to Communicate

women-buy-carsI spend a lot of time in the SFS marketing class discussing how to create marketing pieces that women like. In other words no trucks, no technical talk and more pets and babies.

Not surprisingly many cleaning companies seem to have what Led Zeppelin used to call “Communication Breakdown.” What amazes me is that large companies such as GM  have spent billions of dollars on advertising and still miss the mark. While you may think, well that’s their money, who cares? Don’t forget who owns a big chunk of GM these days. So it bothers me when they continue to ignore the real target audience for cars. Maybe it is because 92% of all car salepeople are men. Yet more women buy or heavily influence the car purchase than men.

Currently two car companies are running TV ads touting the reliability of their cars. Hit the link below to watch the commercials. See if you can tell which commercial resonates with women.

Marketing Cars to Women: Toyota – A, GM – D

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