Thanks Rob Lyon! What A Great Marketing Book for a Carpet Cleaner!

outrageous-advertising-thats-outrageously-successfulSFS 2-time (soon to be 3-time alumni at our upcoming SFS seminar in Tampa Bay January 18-22) Rob Lyon turned me on to a great marketing book. Outrageous Advertising That’s Outrageously Successful by Bill Glazer.

While giving a course at the Jon-Don store in Langhorne, PA I had dinner with Rob, Meg and John Burdick. Of course the conversation quickly turned to marketing, my favorite subject. Rob had joined Bill Glazer’s mastermind group and was already trying out a sequential letter campaign as well as other great tips from the book.

In the next SFS newsletter I review the book but being a print publication we know that may be a little ways off. My purpose is to encourage you to pick it up at Borders, B&N or Amazon. With 26 reviews 23 are 5 star on Amazon.

Start 2010 with a great book that will help you kick start your marketing plan. If you have a suggestion on a book, just reply below to this post and let hundreds of other SFS alumni know.

Let’s go 2010.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Rob Lyon! What A Great Marketing Book for a Carpet Cleaner!”

  1. Can’t wait to pick up the book. Heading to the Bahama’s next week, so it will be good vacation reading. (I know it’s vacation, but I can’t help it. I get alot of my “work” reading done then and quite enjoy these types of books.)

    It was great to meet with both of you and share “strategies”. Can’t wait for the next meeting of the minds!


  2. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention! Always looking for marketing ideas and will soon be adding professional carpet cleaning to our services (we presently only clean homes).

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