Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

SFS Chicago (March, 2010)
SFS Chicago (March, 2010)

49 business owners and managers spent 5 entire days learning how to make their janitorial, carpet cleaning and/or restoration businesses more successful.  They found out that making money is about so much more than equipment, supplies or chemicals. Regardless of what cleaning products they use or services they offer, SFS business concepts are going to transform the companies of these 49 cleaners. For example …

Chuck Violand broke down the basics of financial analysis (with suggested percentages) for small and big cleaning companies.  Bill Yeadon focused on the dynamics of marketing to carpet cleaning customers. (Mostly females in residential cleaning.)  And Steve Toburen delved into the world of cleaning technician management and how to build your cleaning operation into much more than another rug-sucking business.  Jon-Don is committed to helping disaster restoration and cleaning companies everywhere of any size and the comments below prove it!


“Chuck Violand’s communication and presentation skills are excellent- he could be another Obama!  I would take Chuck’s first day of SFS over again if I had the time and money.  Jon-Don is run and managed just like Hewlett-Packard which is one of the top five companies of the world!  I have been to training classes in sales, marketing, manufacturing and management at both H-P and Cisco systems and I believe SFS is at the top of the list!  Plus Jon-Don’s employees are warm, friendly, helpful and accommodating. Thank you!”

John Vito, American Carpet
Palatine, IL

Whoa, John.  We actually say at Jon-Don that if he works harder on his speaking skills President Obama just might become another Chuck Violand! J Seriously, John, thank you.  Your SFS team really does feel we are part of something great but it is always nice to have it validated.  Oh, and by the way, John, I can’t help you on the “time” issue but if you want another “dose of Chuck” feel free to come back as my guest to Chuck’s SFS Monday at Roselle next September 20th!  Just let Angela know in advance.

“I wish I would have taken this class years ago.  SFS will be ‘priceless’ for anyone in the cleaning or restoration fields.  Now I can’t wait for my employees to experience your ‘Value Added Service for Technicians’ program. We will also be hiring Chuck Violand as a consultant to help us get over some business hurdles.”

Doug Burton, Skyline Restoration
Oak Lawn, IL

At SFS we get the “Why didn’t I take this class years ago” wail quite a bit, Doug!  Well, the old Chinese proverb about “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” proves true time and time again.  We are delighted to be a part of your future and especially pleased that you will be having our VAST instructor, Jeff Cutshall, in to get your employees on board the Value Added Service train! Plus I hear good things about using Chuck Violand as a “hands on” consultant.  So Doug, please chime on our web site and let us know how both Jeff and Chuck do for you.

“I would highly recommend Strategies for Success to any company.  SFS has given us the tools to allow us to get out of our own way!  It has always been up to us to make our business succeed.  Now the time has come to drop the excuses and be held accountable.  Thank you to all the “Jon-Don family” with special thanks to “Papa Nick”!

Pete and Val Peterson, River Valley Cleaning
Henry, IL

Well, my “hold your feet to the fire” rant obviously worked with Val and Pete!  I preach the “hold your employees accountable’ concept a lot in SFS.  But as the Peterson’s point out, we as the owners of the company are too often the biggest challenge to our own growth with our interminable excuses!  Thanks, folks, for your honesty!

Strategies for Success opens your eyes.  I would suggest SFS in an instant.  These industry specific things are not being taught anywhere else.”

Rodney Reams, DuKane Contract Services
Batavia, IL

“Industry specific?”  Exactly.  There are a ton of business seminars out there- some of them very good. But very honestly I’m not aware of any that give a targeted overview of the cleaning industry that SFS does PLUS also give you the tools to “git ‘er done”!  If any of you folks find such a program I’d be delighted to recommend it!

“Jon-Don has worked hard on perfecting SFS and it shows.  In addition to the great subject material the warm, welcoming atmosphere at Jon-Don made the entire experience very enjoyable.”

Wes Schuchman, Anago of Denver
Westminster, CO

“Worked hard?”  You bet, Wes.  What you saw at SFS is the combined efforts of a great team spread out over the last fourteen years.  Jon-Don is obsessed with constantly getting better and that is exactly what we want to help all of you with.  That way we all become more successful.  Thank you for noticing our hard work!

“After attending eight years of tax and financial related seminars Strategies for Success was a HUGE breath of fresh air!  The program was unique, well-paced, very informative, and contained tons of useful information!  Many of the SFS principles can be used and adopted by everyone.”

Gordon Gilly, Stout’s Carpet Cleaning
Urbana, IL

Well heck, Gordon, it is pretty easy competing with a boring subject like ‘taxes”! J Actually I think your points are well made.  We have really focused on keeping SFS not only “informative” but also ‘well-paced”.  Any five day seminar is inevitably going to be brutal.  But your SFS team tries to keep it as painless as possible.

“SFS is a very thorough class on how to run a business in the cleaning industry.  I don’t know where else I could find this information in one place.  I’m excited to move forward with my business.  Hats off to Steve, Bill, Chuck, Nick and Angela.”

Ron Reichert, Master Building Maintenance
Oak Forest, IL

IF you are “excited about moving forward” Ron and IF you actually do so- then your SFS team will have accomplished our objective.  And thanks for mentioning everyone on our team.

Many of you were kind enough to thank me for my delivery and insights on this great industry and I appreciate it. However, trust me, there is no way I could have brought SFS to where it is today without Chuck, Bill, Angela and Nick.  Chuck brings his financial insights (an area where Bill and I are admittedly weak in!) to SFS. Bill is hands-down the smartest man in the cleaning industry when it comes to marketing. Angela Buege has been the “unsung heroine” of SFS for fourteen years working tirelessly away behind the scene to make sure the seminar is a “seamless experience” for our attendees.  And Nick?  What can I say?  Not only does Nick Paolella add so much to the actual seminar with his humor, his stories and his genuine concern for your success- he also has uncomplainingly bankrolled SFS for fourteen years!  THANK YOU, NICK!

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