Strategies for Success Seminar- October, 2012 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

“I was especially impressed with every single person I encountered at Jon-Don. I feel very fortunate to be doing business with such an amazing company.”

Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2012 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

“This is the only class I know of that gives you ALL the knowledge to expand and run your business. Your business will become a turn-key operation.”

Strategies for Success Seminar- October, 2011 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

“After 15 years in the business, SFS was the most comprehensive, thorough, informative and complete business course available. Anyone in the cleaning or restoration industry (or related fields) should attend. The price of the course is insignificant.”

Strategies for Success Seminar- September, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

Owner-operators and large multi-employee cleaning and restoration operations came to Chicago looking for answers. Would Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success Seminar meet the task? These class comment excerpts speak for themselves.

Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2010 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

49 business people spent 5 entire days learning how to make their carpet cleaning and restoration businesses more successful. They found out that making money in the cleaning business is about much more than equipment and supplies …