Strategies for Success Seminar- October, 2011 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

Chuck’s communication and presentation skills are absolutely top notch. Excellent! Bill’s section was absolutely excellent. The examples of advertisements and practical marketing info as well as the pro’s and con’s of each were very useful. After 15 years in the business, SFS was the most comprehensive, thorough, informative and complete business course available. Anyone in the cleaning or restoration industry (or related fields) should attend. The price of the course is insignificant. This seminar game me the tools to completely restructure our company for growth!

Mike Riley
CleanHouse 2000

People should attend SFS to understand the financial meat and potatoes of their company. Chuck has one of the most challenging topics to teach yet there is no way anyone could do it better.

Mike Grzegorzewski
American Pride

I would recommend Strategies for Success to anyone. It has allowed me to see the potential for what our business can become. It will be the catalyst to propel us forward into exponential growth.

Russ Branson
Steamway Cleaning & Restoration

Knowing our financial numbers and how to use them will forever change my business and how I manage it.

Heather Branson
Steamway Cleaning & Restoration

Steve’s presentation was excellent. What I learned will make my company more profitable immediately. I regret not taking this class years ago. Thank you for a great week!

Charles & Sharilee Gray
Gray’s Carpet Cleaning

Steve was very good. His presentation was a nice mix of fun and information. I would not recommend this clas to others. I prefer my competition stay clueless!!! 🙂

Andy Ribolini
S/R Services

SFS is a seminar that WILL make business owners succeed. Gets to the basics of business with the numbers, systems and strategies.

David Pollard
First Choice Cleaning & Restoration

I would rate Steve a 17 out of 10. Thanks to the Value Added Service concepts I will retire by the time I’m 44! This seminar is absolutely essential if you want to achieve your goals within a short period of time, so you will have some youth left to enjoy life! It gives you the proven systems, vision, skills and tasks to make it happen. Everyone did a great job of keeping us emotionally and mentally involved.

Reuben Brumby
The Red Carpet Cleaning

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  1. Great post! Steve’s presentation was really awesome, i really appreciate that. Its quite important to create a powerful business plan which will organize your strategies. Thanks for creating a post on this particular subject, keep up the good work.

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