Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2012 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

SFS Chicago (March, 2012)
SFS Chicago (March, 2012)

This is the only class I know of that gives you ALL the knowledge to expand and run your business. Your business will become a turn-key operation.

David O’Rozco
Leo & Sons

I wanted to supercharge my business and didn’t know how. This class was better than 1 week of business training or the $30,000 consultant fee that I have done in the past. I had spent YEARS trying to run a business by the numbers and this the first place that taught me everything and made a clear picture of how to do it. The immediate return of any ONE idea discovered on Day 1 could be worth $1,000. I got at least twelve new ideas and systems to implement.

Chris Batchelder
Rainbow International

People should attend this course in order to move their business from a job into an actual business. Understanding the Financials and Profit Potential of your company is extremely important. I knew this fundamental information was out there. For the first time someone has explained it to me in a clear manner. I learned so many things that I didn’t even know that I was lacking. This seminar is vital. I already have and will continue to recommend the class to others. I was very skeptical, worried that it would be fluff and trying to sell us more classes. Now I see that the class will change my life.

Ross Trittipo

After attending this class I feel prepared with the steps I need to produce a solid foundation. I would recommend to anyone considering to start a carpet cleaning business to JUST GO! This class will help you focus and fine tune your vision. The financial day was pivotal to understanding what we are walking into and allows us to move forward with confidence.

Stephen Meyer

As rookie owners we were struggling in some areas. This seminar grossly surpassed our expectations and was very enlightening. It filled in answers where we already had questions. The templates couldn’t be easier. Steve did a phenomenal job. Strategies for Success was unbelievably enlightening. A must for anyone in or preferably before going into business of any nature.

Ron Pelke
Triton Restoration

This class gives you a snapshot of your company and is vital to advancing your business. I would give Chuck an 11 out of 10. I can’t wait to start applying this info in my company.

Walter Shipman

Why waste years of trial and error when you can advance past the competition with 1 week of your life. Strategies for Success is the only class sponsored by a distributor that I am aware of that gives you everything to start, operate, grow and sell your business. The include no bait & switch. A+++

David Meintz
Clean Bee

Bill kept my attention completely. I was thoroughly impressed by his high positive energy and outlook. He kept us all engaged and took time to answer our questions with honesty.

Tommy Morrow
Carpet Technologies

Steve’s expertise on doing business in the customer’s home is unmatched. Value Added Service will change everything for us. I believe that this class will help my company grow ten times faster and will have a dramatic effect on our customer satisfaction.

Torrey Whitaker
Flooring Expressions

2 thoughts on “Strategies for Success Seminar- March, 2012 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)”

  1. We where in a rut. We needed to move to the next level. We knew we needed to get our business to a “turn key ready status” if we where ever going to retire and have the business run without our day by day involvement or make it sellable to someone. This class gave us all the tools we needed. The teachers where excellent. We are now able to make a road map to achieve our goal. Thank you .

  2. Thanks, Brian and Jodie. You two were a great team BEFORE SFS. Now? Watch out New Hampshire! Don’t forget that Frank Kuse at Jon-Don in Salem will be a huge resource for you. Frank has definitely “been there- done that” in this industry!


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