Strategies for Success Seminar- October, 2012 (Jon-Don Chicago, IL)

SFS Chicago 10/2012
Strategies for Success Chicago (October, 2012)

My husband urged me to come so we can move ahead together on the same page with our business. It was very valuable to get specific pricing and labor models. Now we know how to consistently make money without sacrificing quality of service. I already had experience with financials but applying the same principles to labor costs was great! Chuck was a very engaging instructor. I have a marketing background but learned so much about how to take what I already know and apply it effectively to our business. Everyone did a great job. Great value! I will definitely recommend SFS and I plan to attend next year again. I was especially impressed with every single person I encountered at Jon-Don. I feel very fortunate to be doing business with such an amazing company. Thank you!

Marnie Howell
Howell’s Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Now our company has a shared vision to build on.

Rich Browne
Accomplished Carpet Cleaning

Meeting people one-on-one and talking with the knowledgeable Jon-Don employees was a highlight for me. Bill never lost my attention, I thought everything was great! Bill is awesome and so is Jon-Don!

Tracie Minorik
Marathon Carpet & Upholstery Clean

Go to SFS to get insight from outsiders and new ideas. Steve’s presentation just gets better and better. A 10+ on whatever scale you’re on. I would not recommend it to any of my competitors or anyone that could possibly become one! This knowledge is too good, it makes it too easy to build a successful business.

Chet Pharies
Carpet Tech

As a new company the discipline the SFS seminar has outlined will be helpful to us. SFS is very helpful at letting you look at business from outside the box. Steve’s subject matter was very informative and entertaining. He kept the valuable information light and interactive. Thanks to Jon-Don I now have direction, I’m no longer flying blind. Especially if you’re new to the business, it would be a disservice by not attending this seminar. And I will definitely come back. The amount of information you’re given is impossible to digest all at once. I’d be a fool not to come back again. Thank You Jon-Don.

Evan Grivas
Green Monkey Cleaning

I attended this class to further my business. At Strategies I received information that has been out there for years but is often taken for granted. The Financial and Profit Potential points are going to give me better structure to my business through constant analysis. All of Bill’s information was extremely valuable for our operation. Steve is a 10+ presenter! The importance of the concepts Steve shared with us can’t be measured.

Chad Hefke
Royal Treatment

Chuck teaches how to develop a financial plan and how to interpret your numbers. It was very valuable for me to get a better idea of the “big picture”. He made topics that could be otherwise dull, very interesting. Kept my attention all day.

Kellie Klossner
Classic Carpet Care & Restoration

Attending SFS made me realize what direction I needed to take my business. If you ever want to take your company to new avenues of income this is the place to start.

David Alonso
Klnstec Carpet Care

Everything will be used, the forms, the instructions, everything. Value Added Service is the future of our business. It was a lot to take in during the 5 days but we know it will help us get our business on track. We learned what we have become “lacking” in, how we’ve become complacent.
Yes, we’ll recommend the class! It’s the boost we needed! We have great employees now, just think how good they’ll be when we implement this information. Thank you all! Thank you Nick!

Lyle and Debra Martin
D & L Janitorial

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